Captain America T-Shirt {Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial}

Captain America Freezer Paper Stencil

My nephew loves him some Captain America. It’s his favorite super hero. Since I’ve been on a freezer paper stencil kick, I thought I would try my hand at making him a shirt.

This one was a little harder to make then some of the others. I didn’t think about all the circles. It’s not perfect that’s for sure!


I found this image and printed it on regular paper. Then I used my xacto knife to cute it out. Cut out a big circle where the star is first. Make sure to save the inner red circle piece.


Iron your freezer paper on the shirt, shiny side down. As you can see, I did not cut out the star yet. You will paint all of your red first.


Then you will cut your star out. I wasn’t sure if you could iron the freezer paper OVER the fabric paint. I just gave it a shot and it worked just fine! It was very hard to line up the inner circle piece to cover up the red. You will paint around the star blue. I was just careful and if there was any red peeking through I tried not to paint over it.


It turned out pretty good. The circles are FAR from perfect!


Have you tried freezer paper stenciling yet?? It’s so much fun!

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