Monkey Cupcake Topper and Food Label Printables

I’m not the greatest at making up printables but I wanted to give it a shot for the baby shower that I hosted at my house. I wanted a cute monkey for a cupcake topper and food label place cards. They were both relatively easy to make. The color greens do not match perfectly but unless you are holding them next to each other, no one will know the difference! I googled and found the picture of the monkey and based my idea on this printable that I pinned. I can’t find the original source now.  Feel free to use these if you like! Monkey Printable

Here is one way I used the monkey printable at the baby shower. There is just something about monkeys, they are too cute! Monkey Banner If you use these, I’d love to see a picture!

DIY $10 Cupcake Stands {Tutorial}

DIY Cupcake Stand

For the monkey themed baby shower that I hosted at my house, I wanted an inexpensive cake stand to add height to the table and put cupcakes on. I finally figured out this inexpensive way to make my own!

I headed to the dollar store to look for stovetop covers and candlesticks. I couldn’t find any stovetop covers there but I did find some pizza pans. Of course they only offered one size. I grabbed one and 4 candlestick holders for $5. I then went to Walmart and found some white stovetop covers for about $5. Total cost was $10 (or technically $9 because I didn’t need one candlestick holder!)


The stovetop covers were already white but the pizza pan and candlestick holders needed a quick coat of white spray paint.

Cupcake stand 2

I liked the look of the candlestick holders upside down. I then grabbed some super glue and glued them all together.

Cupcake stands

You have enough supplies to make two cupcake stands.

Monkey Baby Shower 1

On the left, you can see the cupcake stand filled with cupcakes with the super cute monkey cupcake toppers!  Find the appliqued onesises HERE, the bicycle freezer paper stenciled onesie HERE, and the food label printables HERE.


Monkey Baby Shower

Monkey Baby Shower 4

One of my friends from school is having a baby and so a few of my classmates and I decided to throw her a shower. This is actually the first shower I have ever been involved with decorating for and hosting. It was so much fun to pull together!

We obviously went for a monkey theme of brown, green, and a hint of light blue. I will share the cupcake topper printable and food label printable that I made and used for the shower. I’m also going to share how to make a super easy cake stand for under $10. The diaper cake was made by my friend and her mom and turned out too cute!

Monkey Baby Shower 1

I whipped up a few onesies to hang from the window as well as the ever popular poofs. You can see the bicycle onesie HERE and the bow tie onesies will be posted soon.

Monkey Baby Shower 3

We had fruit kabobs with fruit dip, cookies and cream cupcakes, green sugar cookies, and an amazing bbq chicken salad that’s scooped up with tortilla chips. It was the perfect amount of food for a 4-6 p.m. shower.

Monkey Banner

I made this banner to hang from the mantle. This is where the mother to be opened her gifts so it gave a nice little backdrop. Don’t you just love that name?!

Monkey Baby Shower

It was a very nice shower and I can’t wait to host another one! All I need is some pregnant friends 🙂

Applique Tie Onesies

Applique tie onesies

I just love making these cute little tie onesies for baby boys. They are an easy and personalized gift and let’s face, too cute! You really do not need to be an amazing sewer to do this. The bow tie is a little harder but that’s only because it is curved.

Here is what you will need:

Appliqued Onesie


Fusible interfacing

A print out of a bow tie and regular tie on regular paper

Take the print outs and cut out the ties in the fabric of your choice. Then take your fusible interfacing and cut out the shape tie shapes.

Applique tie onesie 2

Now iron on your fabric with your interfacing in between your tie and onesie. It will stick like glue. Then stitch around the edges of everything.

Applique tie onesies 3

I used them at the shower we threw for my friend as decoration. Dual purpose… gift and decoration! You can find the bicycle onesie HERE.

Monkey Baby Shower

Have you appliqued anything before??

Stud Earring Holder {Tutorial}

Stud Earring Holder1

Lately, I’ve been really into stud earrings. So much so that I was running out of places to put them. You see, I have this earring holder that hangs on the wall and is perfect for dangly earrings. I started using the ledge for studs which worked fine. That is until my stud addiction got worse…

Earring Holder

You can see how I made this earring holder HERE. And one similar HERE.

It is super functional for all of my dangly earrings and I still love it.

So here is how I made a stud earring holder.

stud Earring holder

I’ve had this picture frame for awhile just sitting around. It was brown and I wanted white. I gave it a quick coat of spray paint. It was at this point that I also thought. Hmmm… if I take out the glass and the back, how is this thing going to stand up. Not my brightest moment.

FYI: I think I’m probably the worse spray painter ever. Patience is key and I have none. I know all of the right ways to spray paint, I just don’t follow them. You are supposed to go back and forth lifting up on the “trigger” each time. I’m more of a “hold the trigger down the entire time” kind of spray painter. The results aren’t always good.

Stud earring holder 1

This was my solution to making it stand up. I cut a piece of dowel rod into two equal lengths. I then drilled a hole in the frame and stuck the dowel rods in. I’ll be honest, they fit so snuggly that I didn’t even hot glue.

Stud Earring holder 4

Now you’ve got a nice little free standing frame!

stud earring holder 5

Next, I added some black lace to the inside. I hot glued it into place and then hot glued over the top as well. I love using lace for an earring holder because there are tons of holes to hang or poke your earrings through!

Stud earring holder 6

That’s it! This project is super easy and quick.

Stud Earring holder 8

I have mine sitting on our counter hanging by the toothbrushes. No, my counters do not stay this clean. And yes, everything that was there is on the right side of the counter that I’m not going to show you 🙂

Stud Earring holder 9

I intentionally made it the opposite colors of the one I have hanging up. I didn’t want it to be matchy-matchy.

Stud earring holder 7

How do you store your earrings??


Fat Quarter Alligator

Fat Quarter Alligator

That right there is supposed to be an alligator. I think it looks like a cute giant lizard. I was sent a $25 gift card from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores to whip up something from their spring catalog.

You can find the step by step tutorial for the alligator HERE. This is definitely a project for someone who’s been sewing for a little while. The instructions were vague at parts. There was also hand sewing involved. I loathe hand sewing. I swear a 4 year old could have sewn that tail up better than that.


PicMonkey Collage

Joann’s offers great deals and if you sign up to become a Preferred Customer you get a 20% off coupon! If you sign up you will also receive notices of great sales, additional money saving coupons, and ideas to spark your creativity.

Bicycle Freezer Paper Stencil

Bicycle Freezer Paper Stencil 1

I love using freezer paper stencils for baby gifts. It’s such an easy way to personalize the gift and make it special. A friend of mine at school has a baby on the way and her husband is really big into cycling. I love riding myself so I thought this would be fun!

It did not turn out as perfect as I had hoped. It’s the thought that counts right? Right.

Bicycle Onesie

These are the supplies you will need. In Google images make sure you type in “Halloween stencil”. That way when you cut out the black areas, it will still be connected. You will need freezer paper, fabric paint, and xacto knife and a onesie.

You can see how to do the rest in the tutorial I did



Bicycle Freezer Paper Stencil

Have you tried freezer paper stenciling yet??

How to make an electrical spool end table

DIY Electrical Spool End Table

I’ve mentioned before that my dad is an electrician. When he called and asked if I wanted some electrical spools, I said, “Sure, why not?!” I knew that I could figure out something to make with them.

The end table that I had was a little to formal for me. I have been looking for the perfect one for a long time. When I saw the size of these two spools, I knew right away that they would make a perfect, funky, industrial end table.

Here’s how I did it:


Here are the two spools in all their glory.


I stacked them up to see which way I could get them to be the sturdiest. They are by no means perfectly flat so this took some switching around.


Next, I took three screws and screwed the spools together. I considered not doing this step. This suckers are pretty solid but with both a 2 and 5 year old nephew coming over I didn’t want to chance them being knocked over.


I gave them two coats of white paint. If I were to make these again, I would paint them first and then screw them together. There were some cracks between the two spools that were hard to get to.


Then I gave them two coats of Behr Winter Lake. This quart of paint has gone a long way. I used it on my wooden tray, this chair, and the PB knockoff wall art.


Of course that was just way to pretty. I roughed up the edges and lightly everywhere else.


Much better!

Electrical Spool End Table 2

That’s it! I rarely polyurethane anything because I want it to wear and tear naturally. Find the chair redo HERE and the pillows HERE.

Electrical Spool End Table 4

I just love the chipped piece of wood. It adds to the rustic-ness of it.

Electrical Spool End Table 3

It’s a little taller than I anticipated but it will work just find in the living room.

DIY Electrical Spool End Table

When I asked my husband what he thought he said, “Well, it’s… different.” Good, that’s what I was going for!!

Have you ever made anything with an electrical spool?

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Easy Lace Embellishment on a Plain T-Shirt

Easy Lace Back T-shirt

First of all, do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your backside?? I looked at so many pictures and though, do I really look like that from behind?! Anyway, this was the best I got.

This is a super simple sewing project. If you can sew a straight line, you can do this. Even if you sew a crooked line, you can still do this!


I started off with a plain t-shirt from Old Navy. They were having a buy one get one free sale so if I screwed it up I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad. The lace came from my sponsor WholePort.


The first thing I did was cut the length of the lace. I made sure that it overlapped the hem on the underside of the shirt. I did this for the top and bottom.


Since the lace I had was kind of one sided, I decided to layer it. I overlapped the two straight sides and pinned it in place.


You can see it all pinned here. I also went back and pinned the outer edges.


Now sew down the middle. You will also sew down the outer edges (right and left side) so that you do have lace wings.


I then sewed along the hem on the top and bottom.

Lace Back Shirt

A caaauuutttee shirt for a 30 minute sewing project!

Easy Lace Back T-shirt

Business in the front, party in the back!

Be sure to check out Wholeport for some great crafting products!