Metallic Three Panel Art


One of my good friends from school, Lauren, asked me to help her paint some art. Of course I said I was down for that!


My other good friend, Carley, was there for moral support and to work on a different kind of painting. (Although she did paint a few brush strokes on the painting!)

Lauren found this picture for inspiration. il_570xN.245024727

Here’s how me made ours:


You will need:

  • 3 Canvases

  • 3 shades of Metallic paint (plus some black)

  • Plaster of some kind
    Update: The plaster brand in the picture above is Galeria: heavy carve-able modeling paste

This art probably cost about $60 for everything. Considering that you couldn’t buy a painting of this size for that, we thought we did pretty good! Another, cheaper, option would be to use wood rather than canvas.


Spread out the plaster on the canvas.


Take a plaster/putty knife and sort of squish the plaster around in a circle pattern. Start from the center and work towards the outer edges.


It will look something like this. Lauren did all of the plaster work for the art but it didn’t seem to difficult. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect!

We sped up the plaster drying process with blow dryers. Not sure if this is good or bad but it didn’t seem to hurt anything. We were so ready to start painting!


Start with the lightest color in the very center of the circle.


As you work outwards you will want to start blending the colors. This was probably the hardest part. You just want to make sure the change of colors is gradual rather than a noticeable difference!


Make sure you paint in between the panes and all of the edges.


Doesn’t it look AMAZING!? I absolutely love the metallic paint.


It’s almost like a black hole but a way cooler metallic one.


She loves it! And more importantly we all three had a blast hanging out and painting it. 

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