How to Make Homemade Air Fresheners

How to Make Homemade Air Fresheners

The cost of cleaning supplies is always on the rise, and far too few people know that you can achieve the same wonderful aroma in your home with much less money. Here is a way that you can create your very own homemade air freshener without the added cost of getting one from the store.

A popular scent that many people seem to enjoy is that of vanilla. With some simple items which you likely already own, you can enjoy the smell of vanilla year round. Look in your bathroom for a cotton ball or two. You will then want to take the cotton ball and place it in a small container. Once the ball is inside of the container, pour some vanilla over top of the cotton ball. Allow it to soak for some time before you remove it.

Once you have removed the cotton ball from the vanilla, wring it out. Then you will want to use a small lid from a baby food jar to place the cotton ball on. You’ll find that vanilla cotton balls are very effective at fighting unwanted smells.

If you would like to have a number of small homemade air fresheners around the home, you will want to visit your local craft store for some potpourri. Take some of the potpourri and add it to a boiling pot of water. Allow for the potpourri to sit for some time before moving some of the liquid to a small container to spread around the home.

Some of the best smells that people report using for their homes are cinnamon sticks. Another popular smell that you can use for your homemade air freshener is the smell of lemon and apple. You will want to use the lemon peel in your boiling water as well as the apple peels in order to capture the essence of the apple and lemon.

As you begin to create your own homemade air freshener, remember that using too many fragrances in the home can be a little overwhelming and could make your guests uncomfortable. In many cases, less is more. So start out taking a more subtle approach. You can always add later. If you ever happen to need air conditioning repair, you might want to have it done quickly. Depending on the temperatures and humidity present, the people in your home might not be able to adequately recover physically at night unless the temperature gets under 80 degrees Fahrenheit in your home. The elderly and young children can especially be at risk, as are many pets. Foods and prescription medications can also spoil quite easily.


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