Fun Kindle Cover

I absolutely love to read and for Christmas I got a Kindle touch. It was like pulling teeth talking me into this thing. There is nothing better than holding a book and turning a page and I knew I would be giving that up. I can honestly say now that I love my Kindle. The easy access to books without going to the library or store is extremely convenient. I also like the fact that I can checkout books from the library for free.

The elastic provides the perfect place to put your Kindle while you read.

When you aren’t reading you can slide it into the side pocket. I also keep my charger in one of the pockets.

I got my fabric from Hobby Lobby. It’s bright and colorful, just what I wanted!

It’s thin enough to fit into my purse. Or maybe my purse is big enough to fit it. 🙂

And now a few fun facts about me and books. Get ready to be thrilled.

  • My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.

  • My second favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.

  • I just got done reading The Hunger Games series… GREAT series.

  • One of my favorite series is Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter.

  • I don’t read books more than one. There are two exceptions: The Notebook and Harry Potter

  • I’m always looking for new authors/books to read. Have any suggestions?!

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