Barbie Dollhouse Furniture Buying Guide!

Looking for a guide to buy Barbie Furniture for your little tot, who gets bored of her dolls within days? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article we will cover Barbie Furniture, from Vintage to Modern, and also provide some recommendations on what is currently hot. Read on!

Barbie has been a mirror to society, and has evolved through the years, stepping through a variety of roles. As such Barbie Furniture too is available in a wide variety and price range. From vintage to modern, buying Barbie Furniture is a great way to keep your child engaged with her doll, as she explores her make-believe world.

Vintage Barbie Furniture If you’re into vintage furniture, Mattel manufactured a line of 8 pieces between 1961 to 1966.

Those were:

  1. Barbie Goes to College
  2. The Barbie Dreamhouse
  3. The Barbie New Dream House
  4. The Barbie Fashion Shop
  5. The Barbie & Ken Little Theater
  6. The Barbie Dream Kitchen/Dinette
  7. The Skipper Dream Room
  8. The Barbie & Skipper School

These pieces were made of cardboard laminated with a paper veneer. They could be folded up and were designed to be able to contain all the included furniture and accessories. For those interested in buying vintage Barbie accessories, these pieces are available on eBay for sale alternatively if your more into dollhouse I suggest checking kidkraft dollhouse for more in depth review on purchasing a dollhouse.

Consult official guides for the full list of furniture and accessories included with each set. Between the years 1979-1987, Mattel produced a line of Barbie Dream House’s in yellow and pink, and the Barbie Dream Cottage was manufactured in 1983 and 1984.

Apart from the included furniture and accessories, three separate sets were also available. These were the living room set, the bedroom set and the kitchen set. Over the years Mattel kept adding to its Barbie Furniture line with the Barbie Dream Furniture Set that was manufactured between 1980 to 1984, the Dream Glow Barbie Furniture Collection in 1986, the Sweet Roses Barbie Furniture Collection in 1988 and the Pink Sparkles Barbie Furniture Set in 1992.

Customized Barbie Products If you lack the budget to get the more expensive models, or quite simply wish to build your own with your personal touch, it is easy to do so.

Here are a few tips.

  1. Use gift wrap to re-design floors, roofs and to give new ‘upholstery’ to furniture such as tables, sofas, refrigerators etc.
  2. Create Motifs using simple geometric patterns like flowers, stars, polka dots etc for floors and roofs and on furniture.
  3. Use metallic paint, wood polish or wood stain to give a stylized look to your Barbie furniture.
  4. Repeat a decorative element on a furniture set to create your own line of Barbie furniture!
  5. Create your own linen and pillowcases for Barbie furniture. Add decoration in the form of lace trims.

Modern Barbie Furniture The market is literally flooded with 1,000’s of pieces of furniture on sale from Barbie in both online and offline stores. It really is a buyer’s market. However, it could be tough to make a choice in the face of so many options, so here is a little list of popular items to guide you in making your purchase.

Remember, there is no ‘best’ furniture piece. There is only furniture that appeals to your child and matches her existing collection of dolls and dollhouses.

With that caveat in mind, here is a list of 10 Barbie sets that you could consider purchasing.

  1. Barbie My House Vanity Set
  2. Barbie Dress-Up to Make-Up Closet and Barbie Doll Set
  3. Barbie Stovetop to Tabletop Deluxe Kitchen and Doll Set
  4. Barbie Bed to Breakfast Deluxe Bedroom and Doll Set
  5. Barbie Forever Décor Family Room
  6. New Barbie Furniture Collection – Barbie Dinner to Dessert Dining Room Set
  7. Barbie Grill to Chill Deluxe Patio and Doll Set
  8. Barbie Spin to Clean Laundry Room and Barbie Doll Set
  9. Barbie Forever Décor Nursery
  10. New Barbie Furniture Collection – Barbie Treats to TV Refrigerator Set

Where to Shop then? There are a plethora of online stores that sell Barbie’s and their furniture. Most brick-and-mortar retail stores now have their own online listings as well. They include photographs and descriptions of each furniture and accessory. Amazon has a wide range of Barbie furniture manufactured by various companies and is probably your best bet.

However, you won’t find Vintage furniture here. eBay is literally flooded with thousands of auctions taking place at any given point of time. However, it is a seller’s market and you should investigate the products on offer thoroughly before making a purchase.

Apart from that, you could visit your local Barbie convention and shows. Buy a copy of Barbie Bazaar for a list of venues and dates. Conventions and shows are the best place to find vintage furniture. That’s it then. Hopefully the above guide to buying Barbie Furniture has given you some ideas on what to get for your little girl and her dolls. Happy Shopping!

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