Pallet Artwork

After creating my “love” pallet artwork, I had some of a pallet leftover. I just couldn’t throw it away and there it sat in the garage since June. Hey, sometimes it takes a couple months to get inspired 🙂
I found my inspiration from Pinterest. (Follow me HERE). You must go see Two Girls Being Crafty’s version.
Here’s how I made mine:
You can see from my picture exactly what I did. I didn’t end up using the smaller board because that was the only one that size and it just looked weird.
The little board didn’t go to waste! I used it to connect all of the bigger boards. For this process I used my nail gun and used about a million nails. Notice that I totally nailed it in crooked. That’s just how I roll 🙂
I then painted my board with two coats of white paint.
I then used paint pens to draw on my branches. TRUST me, use a paint pen! It made this so much faster and I don’t even want to know what it would have looked like if I painted it with a brush. I know my limitations and free hand painting is one of them!
You will then need various sizes of circle brushes and whatever color paint you want to use. In the original, they used many different colors but I just stuck with blues since I knew this art was going somewhere in my living room.
Randomly put dots all over your board. I was super lazy and didn’t even wash my brushes between colors. I sort of just wiped them off or mixed them. This is also after I put on my favorite glaze.
Grab your sander and rough it up a bit.
At first I was really unsure if I liked it. The color is so similar to the wall color.
But I tell you what, every time I pass by it I love it a little more!
And here is the whole vignette! Complete with my 2×4 pumpkin, sofa table, chair, and tray.
So what do you think? To matchy-matchy?

Best of 2013

It’s so hard to believe that another year has flown by. Sometimes I forget what I created throughout the year. So let’s take a look at the top 10 posts of 2013 based on pageviews! We are counting down to the number one spot.

Top 10 of 2013

10. I dabbled in jewelry making this year. It’s fun but hard!


9. I still wear this easy lace back t-shirt all the time.

Easy Lace Back T-shirt_thumb[7]

8. I love a deco mesh wreath. This one definitely fits the bill for fall.

Deco Mesh Fall Wreath_thumb[10]

7. This one was a surprise on the list. A simple black dresser redo.

 Black Dresser Redo_thumb[8]

6. I’m not a fantastic sewer so if you haven’t tried this infinity scarf yet you totally should!

Infinity Scarf_thumb[8]

5. Use those old scraps and make a scrap fabric heart wreath.

Heart Wreath_thumb[10]

4. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to go on a juice cleanse. It was tough!

3 Day Juice Cleanse_thumb[1]

3. This bathroom renovation was one of my favorites. I just love that shower curtain.

Beadboard Bathroom renovation_thumb[8]

2.Cupcake stand out of stove burner covers. Can’t get any easier.

DIY Cupcake Stand_thumb[9]

1. This simple stud earring holder was my most popular post of 2013. I still love it for my studs!

Stud Earring Holder1_thumb[8]

Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds!

Vintage Suitcase Shelves {Tutorial}

In case you missed this vintage suitcase shelves tutorial over on

A Diamond in the Stuff

, here it is! 

Suitcase shelf 7

I cannot begin to tell you how much I’m in love with these suitcase shelves. Every time I pass by them I smile a little. All three of these suitcases came from my husbands grandmother who recently passed away. They were perfectly worn, as well as smelly.

I originally planned to stack these and make an end table. However, the left and right suitcases were almost exactly the same size so it just didn’t look right. I started browsing


for ideas and found the suitcase shelf idea. However, I  could not find a good tutorial.

This project was totally spur of the moment. My husband and I were sitting in the garage chatting and bored and just went for it. He, of course, thought I was nuts.


So here is a tutorial for how we made our suitcase shelves.


Open them up and check out the beautiful, yet stinky lining. You have two choices, Febreeze the heck-o-la out of it or rip it out. I chose option number two. I think taking the lining out would probably help the blade go through smoother but I can’t say for sure because we didn’t try to cut it with the lining in.


Measure the size you want your suitcase and start cutting it in half on a circular saw. This part is only slightly terrifying. I thought more than once that I was ruining a perfectly beautiful vintage suitcase.

As you can see, the blade did not cut all the way through the bottom layer. You can either take a jigsaw and cut the rest of the way or do what we did. We tilted the suitcase vertical and lined up the circular saw to cut through the rest. Worked like a charm.


Now flip it over and cut the other side. Make sure your cuts line up! So now you’ve got your shelf and now it needs a way to be hung on the wall.

Suitcases 1

Take a piece of board and cut it to fit inside the suitcase on the BOTTOM piece of suitcase. Then use a nail gun and nail the board in place around the bottom and both sides. As you can see in the right picture, you can see the nail holes but they are soooo tiny that nobody will notice. This was super close and they are hard to see!


Sorry this picture is such poor quality. I was trying to help hold it up while taking a picture of how to do it! We screwed the piece of wood straight into the studs. Notice that the top is not on? The tops are removable and now the suitcase doubles as storage too! Love that.

suitcase shelf 1suitcase shelf 2

I’m still working on the styling part, but I love the direction they are headed.

suitcase shelf 4

The one on the right is my favorite. Or the one in the middle. The green one is just ok.

The lantern on the left also came from Wyatt’s grandmothers and got a paint job. On the center suitcase, the teacup was my great grandmothers. The other stuff is just for looks 🙂

suitcase shelf 6

Here’s how they look from the doorway. Find the no sew drop cloth curtain tutorial


. Want to see what used to be on the suitcase wall? Go


. Wow, this is about a zillion times better.

Oh and the gigantic box underneath them is staying. Wyatt and his dad made it and it holds all of our snow skiing gear. I may eventually make a cushion for it. The only problem is that thing is massive. I’m talking coffin size. Maybe even a double coffin. You get my drift. HUGE, I tell ya.

Suitcase shelf

I love that they are unique and can still be sentimental.

Be sure to hop on over to Young and Crafty to see MANY more projects! 

Spider Wreath & Halloween Mantel #spookyspaces

Spider Wreath

When Jo-Ann’s contacted me about coming up with a spooky Halloween space, I had no clue what I would do! After browsing around Jo-Ann’s I found black and white deco mesh that I knew would work perfectly for my black and white mantel. I’m such a sucker for deco mesh.

Spider Wreath 1

I already had the wreath form, spiders (not pictured), and pipe cleaners (not pictured).

Spider Wreath 2

I kind of went with the saying “bigger is better” with this wreath. I didn’t leave the middle open like traditional wreaths. If you want a full tutorial for how to make these, check out THIS fall wreath tutorial. After I finished I simply hot glued the spiders onto the wreath.

Halloween Mantel

I love how this mantel turned out. The black and white is perfect. You can see last years mantel HERE.

For tons of creative ideas, be sure to visit Jo-ann’s website HERE. Also, be sure to check out all of the #spookyspaces on social media sites.

Be sure to use the coupon below and head to Jo-ann’s so you can create your own spooky space!


Deco Mesh Fall Wreath {Tutorial}

Deco Mesh Fall Wreath

I’m not sure how it is in other parts of the world, but here in the good ole South of the U.S., deco mesh wreaths are super popular. The bigger the better. I’ve seen wreaths that cover the whole length of the door. They are ridiculously over the top.

These deco mesh wreaths are so easy to make and I just love how this one turned out. You can find the one I made for Christmas


. It’s understated and doesn’t scream fall.

Here’s how to make it:

Fall wreath 1

You will need a wire wreath form and pipe cleaners for sure. I grabbed a large deco mesh roll and a roll of burlap. You can add whatever embellishments that you like. I chose pumpkins and grassy things.

Fall Wreath1

Take your pipe cleaner and secure a section of deco mesh to the wire form. Twist the pipe cleaner to hold it in place. Now you will start making poofs. Squish together a section of the deco mesh and then secure it with another pipe cleaner.

Fall Wreath2

You should finish the poofs all the way around. Don’t worry that you can see through it, the burlap will cover most of it up. Now start adding in the burlap. Use your pipe cleaners to secure it and make poofs just like previously. Once you’ve wrapped it all the way around poof it out some more to hide all of the pipe cleaners.

Fall Wreath 8

Then add whatever embellishments you want. I just hot glued them on.

Fall Wreath 10

That’s it! This wreath took me less than 30 minutes to whip together.

Turquoise Bead Necklace {Tutorial}

Turquoise Bead Necklace {Tutorial}

Turquoise bead necklace

I’m trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to this jewelry making business. I’m still no pro, that’s for sure but I really like this necklace. It’s a start, know what I’m sayin’?

I received these beads from my wonderful sponsor


. To order beads like this, go


. They’ve got some cute stuff so be sure and check them out!


I started off with a really long chain that I sort of just draped around my neck and then cut it to the length I wanted. I had these clasp things that look like a ponytail holder. I have no clue what they are for. I just disassembled it and attached the clasp to my chain.


Next I took some headpins…


Snipped them down and curved them around the chain. I spaced my turquoise balls about every four chains so that it would be even.

DIY Turquoise necklace 1

I love this simple little necklace. I can’t wait to try out other necklaces with different shapes and designs!

DIY Summer Vacation Picture Frame Collage and GIVEAWAY ($200 Home Depot Gift Card)

DIY Summer Vacation Picture Frame Collage

Every year we take a family vacation trip to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. For the past six or so years that I’ve been going, I have not had anywhere to put all of the pictures I take.

I was lucky enough to partner with Home Depot coupon codes and received a gift card to make something related to summer travel. I thought this was the perfect chance to make a picture frame collage that can be updated each year. It was actually really easy to make.

You will need a miter saw or miter box to make the cuts for the frame as well as nails to hold it together.


I used my gift card to pick up two 1×2 pieces of board. Make sure they are pretty straight and not bowed.


Next, make your 45 degree angle cuts. My frame measure roughly 30 in. by 24 in. I wanted more of a rectangular shape than square.


Now use your nail gun and nail in the corners. Of course a hammer and nails will work too.


I lightly sanded the corners where the cuts were to make sure they were smooth.


Now spray paint the color of your choice. Oh how I love you oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Such a perfect deep brown color.


A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram (hannahyoungandcrafty) a picture of two giant rolls of burlap that I found at an estate sale for $1 a piece. I thought this was the perfect project to make a few pennant banners. I have the Martha Stewart stencils and used those to paint my letters.


I cut the burlap long enough to wrap around the twine.


Then put some hot glue on the burlap to hold them together. I liked it this way because the pennants could still be adjusted rather than stuck in place.


Before I put anything permanently in place, I played with the position to make sure I liked it.


I then stapled the twine in place on the back. Each string is pulled pretty taut. I then used a piece of leftover twine for my hanger. This frame is super light so I’m not worried about it going anywhere.

DIY Picture Frame

I used clothespins to hang the pictures up. Small ones would have been cuter but I was using what I had 🙂

DIY Picture Frame 1

I’ve been working on a few things in the guest bedroom. This dresser is a new addition that got moved from the master to here. There is also a super cool new something on the wall to the left. I hope to post about it soon!

Don’t forget to check out what all of the other bloggers made for the theme “Summer Travel”!

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How to sew an infinity scarf

Infinity Scarf

As of late, I’ve had an obsession with scarves. They are just so comfy and make a statement. When I spotted this fabric on Wholeport, I knew that the chiffon, thin material would make a perfect scarf. Go HERE to purchase some for yourself.

I used two yards but still had some leftover. You’ll need two yards for the length.

Infinity Scarf 1

I love the Grandma-ish look to the fabric (No offense to Grandmas, I love mine!). I also knew that it could be worn with pretty much any color.

Infinity scarf 2

I laid the fabric out and used my cardboard grid to cut the fabric in a mostly straight line.

infinity scarf 3

Then fold the fabric over and sew the edges together so that you have a long tube. Turn your tube.

Infinity scarf 4

Next, I simply folded over the ends to create a clean hem. I folded once, sewed, and folded again and sewed again. Do this on both ends.

Infinity scarf 5

Now take both of your ends and sew them together.

Infinity Scarf 6

That’s all there is to it! This is definitely a beginner sewing project. If I can do it, you can do it!

Shine on Friday’s

I had a fabulous and relaxing week at the lake last week. It’s good to be back home but it has been so hard to get back into a routine! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

Kara @ Happy Go Lucky Amy @ One Artsy Mama Kirsten @ One Tough Mother Hannah @ Young and Crafty Here are the fab features from last week: Shine on Fridays Features 7-26-13
1. Pattern Pop Tee Knock off 2. Hello Sunshine Plaque 3. Galvanized Tub Turned Outdoor Ottoman  4. Gooey Cookies and Cream Bars 5. Eat letters 6. Skinny Peaches and Cream Milkshake

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Simple Yet Elegant Bedrooms

Hello Young and Crafty readers, I am Jessica and I am so excited to be a guest blogger on this blog, I’d like to thank Hannah for having me, I am going to share some simple but elegant bedrooms with details and tips. Hope you’ll like it.

Simple Yet Elegant Bedrooms

Having a beautiful bedroom is a must. Not only does this give you confidence in your skills as a homemaker, but it can actually help you to sleep better too. You do not have to spend a lot of money and time completely gutting your bedroom and installing new bedroom suites to have a wonderful bedroom, and what follows are some quick and easy tips that will help you transform your bedroom simply and elegantly!

The walls of your bedroom can have a great impact on the overall appearance of the room. If your walls are grubby or grimy, festooned with spider-webs and covered with finger marks, it does not matter how new and well-cared-for your furniture is, the room will look dingy. Apply a fresh new coat of paint or re-do the wallpaper and then be sure to maintain it, clearing dust and cobwebs regularly, wiping up marks as they appear and stopping children from putting grubby hands on your walls.



Keep the floor nice and tidy too! If you have a bedside rug make sure that it is lined up nicely every morning – make it an early morning routine to straighten the whole room quickly as you dress and make your bed and it will quickly become second nature. If you like wall-to-wall carpeting invest in the best quality carpet that you can. Carpetsofquality has the best range of carpets; the carpet will last many years in good condition, especially in a bedroom, which is not generally a high traffic area. On the other hand, if wooden floors are your ideal flooring material, have a lovely hardwood floor put down, and use soft felt pads on the feet of your furniture to protect it. Hardwood flooring is quite expensive, but if looked after properly, can last many decades.



Do not accept anything in the bedroom that does not belong there! It is easy to ‘pop’ something (a bicycle, treadmill or exercise bike, for example) into the bedroom ‘for now’ to get it out of the way, while a guest sleeps over, or a dinner party is hosted. The problem arises when the item is simply left there. Insist on extraneous items being returned to their rightful place very quickly, before you get used to having it in your room! Try to ensure that your bedroom holds only those pieces of furniture that you need, and do not let it become a depository for items that do not have a place elsewhere in the home. Anything unnecessary or unused should be binned, recycled, sold, or donated to charity.



Get crafty in your bedroom, making little flourishes and pieces that claim the room as uniquely yours. Purchase some thin foam and some beautiful fabric and learn how to make your very own padded hangers for your best garments. If you choose fabrics that go with your décor, it will add vital finishing touches to your room, completing it in some indefinable way. Lavender bags are so quick and simple to make, and, if you grow your own lavender, cost very little. Sew a small square on three sides, fill with a mixture of lavender flowers and cotton wool (or foam filling), then complete the final edge for an extremely simple scented bag.

Alternatively, cut out a circle of fabric. Leaving a decent space for the frill, sew two rows of straight stitching, also in a circle, parallel to the circumference. Gently pull the ends of the sewing thread, until the fabric begins to bunch up and gather, forming a little round pouch. Fill the pouch with lavender, rose petals or even shop-bought potpourri, then tighten the threads and tie it off tightly, adding a couple of stitches to prevent it coming undone again. These small bags add a powerful fragrance, not only to your undergarments, but to the entire room, suffusing it with wonderful feminine floral notes. Lavender is known to be relaxing, and the smell will help you drift off into a good relaxing slumber.



Your bedding and the soft furnishings are the area of your room where you can really have a big impact for only a small monetary outlay. Bedding is available in a wide and diverse array of choice these days and you will be able to choose between plain fabrics, small print floral, lively and vibrant stripes and even quirky or humorous prints. Yorkshirelinen has a fabulous range, not only of patterns, but of fabrics as well, ranging from cool crisp cotton to luxurious satin effect. If possible, purchase curtains that match or complement the bedding to help round off the appearance of the room.