How to sew an infinity scarf

Infinity Scarf

As of late, I’ve had an obsession with scarves. They are just so comfy and make a statement. When I spotted this fabric on Wholeport, I knew that the chiffon, thin material would make a perfect scarf. Go HERE to purchase some for yourself.

I used two yards but still had some leftover. You’ll need two yards for the length.

Infinity Scarf 1

I love the Grandma-ish look to the fabric (No offense to Grandmas, I love mine!). I also knew that it could be worn with pretty much any color.

Infinity scarf 2

I laid the fabric out and used my cardboard grid to cut the fabric in a mostly straight line.

infinity scarf 3

Then fold the fabric over and sew the edges together so that you have a long tube. Turn your tube.

Infinity scarf 4

Next, I simply folded over the ends to create a clean hem. I folded once, sewed, and folded again and sewed again. Do this on both ends.

Infinity scarf 5

Now take both of your ends and sew them together.

Infinity Scarf 6

That’s all there is to it! This is definitely a beginner sewing project. If I can do it, you can do it!

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